Study finds discontinued LEGO sets are a better investment than gold

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Forget Blockchain — investors might want to consider putting their money into LEGO blocks, which appreciate faster than even gold, according to a recent study.

Researchers at Moscow’s Higher School of Economics found retired LEGO sets appreciated in value 11 percent annually from 1987 to 2015 — more than gold, stocks or bonds.

LEGO sets get pricier over time thanks to “high collectible value” combined with diminishing supply, the report said. Most LEGO sets are discontinued after a few years.

LEGO prices are relatively unaffected by the stock market, the study found, and increased during the 2008 financial crisis.

The study’s author said LEGO bricks could be as worthwhile an investment as jewelry, antiques or other artwork. One large set netted a 2,230 percent return over eight years, the study said.

LEGO prices surged during the COVID-19 pandemic as kids and adult used the building sets to cope with long stays at home.

The company’s popularity among nostalgic adults is one reason for the financial viability of its products, researchers said.

The best investments are “thematic sets” based off famous buildings, holidays or entertainment franchises like Star Wars. Among the most expensive models are replicas of the Millennium Falcon, Imperial Star Destroyer and Taj Mahal.

“Tens of thousands of deals are made on the secondary LEGO market,” Professor Victoria Dobrynskaya said. “Even taking into account the small prices of most sets, this is a huge market that is not well-known by traditional investors.”

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